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Information about terms and condition




 Operating Policies - Policy

  •  The sessions can only be attended by the completed application form or by members of the ski school association.
  • Ski slopes and ski lifts can only be used under the supervision of a school instructor.
  • The application form is required to complete the course.

  • In school sessions, adherence to the instructions for use of ski lifts is mandatory for everyone.

  • You can apply for the courses, programs, domestic and foreign courses of the ski school with a prepayment.

  • Use of protective equipment during training is compulsory / gloves, safety helmet /, the ski school is not responsible for any damages or accidents resulting from failure.

  • The school does not take responsibility for the values ​​left in the locker room, on the track or on the track.

  • It is possible to rent equipment for group and private lessons.

  • The ski school can be equipped with advance payment for the full amount of the rental in case of out-of-school use. We will charge you a repair fee for any damage, damage, or loss.

  • The school accepts no liability for accidents, injuries or material damage resulting from sports activities other than intended use.

  • The duration of the sessions is 55 minutes.


  • During the season, our group classes are kept in all weather conditions.

  • Groups min. 4 people start up to 10 people.

  • Applying for the first installment is 10,000 FT. Payment deadline for the second installment is October 31st.In case of lack of opportunity, we will provide a replacement opportunity, which we always ask in advance for indo@nanooksiiskola.hu (name of the child + group + location). Replacement is possible from 1 November to 29 March.

  • The absences cannot be transferred to the next season.

  • You can only sign up for a 4 year old group. Children under the age of 4 are only in private lessons !!
    If you stick to the group during the 4th year only with a signed parental declaration, you agree to take extra private lessons in case of a backlog, we cannot provide age-matched replacement if you give up half of the course. to give back.

  • Purchased group passes are valid only at the given location, prior written consent is required for the expiration or replacement at another location.

  • You can not participate in 2 suitable weekly weekly weekly sessions
    If you want to go 2 times a week, you need to select 2 different time groups.


  • Private lessons can be canceled at least 6 hours before the start of the lesson. Otherwise,  a 50% cancellation fee will be charged or if you have a pass you will lose 1 occasion.
  • Passes purchased during the current season are valid until the end of the season and cannot be taken over for the next season. In the event that the tickets are not used by the school's fault, we will compensate for the damage, otherwise the remaining times will be lost.
  • The total amount of multi-person passes is non-refundable if fewer people request it on a given occasion than the rental is for.


  • Pre-registration discount for next season depositors is 15% (no other discount can be combined). Valid HUF 10,000 deposit payment until May 31st.
  • Brotherhood discount - 10% for co-payment.
  • Loyalty discount - for our returning guests we provide -2000 HUF / person discount, which can be applied upon payment of the second part of the course.
  • Webshop discount - those who pay for group-wide training for the whole season in our webshop will receive a 10% discount for the season.

Thank you for taking care of your rental equipment. You use the ski boot every time you attach it, store it and bring it back after hours. If damage is caused to the equipment, the tenant undertakes to repair it at cost.
Thank you for helping us work and comply with the rules of the ski school.


 Information regarding the team selection:

 MINI Home - 4-6 years of age can sign it! Everyone is welcome who is not skiing, or if you have been skiing, but even from the top of the track can not be safely slide down and the elevator can not be used independently even welcome here.

 Starter - 6 years of age can sign it! Everyone is welcome who is not skiing, or if you have been skiing, but even from the top of the track can not be safely slide down and the elevator can not be used independently even welcome here.

 Intermediate - who for at least a season skiing instructor (private or hour starting group), has the ability to safely descend the student track, you can use your own ski lifts catchy. Children 4-6 years old are welcome to this group.

 Intermediate 1 - We offer you the kezdő2 group of kids went through, or who had a private hour at least 2 seasons. those children are also welcome to this group who only went through a season, but over the age of six. The basic precondition is that the ability to safely descend the student track, cache, you can use your own ski lifts catchy.

 Intermediate 2 - Anyone who has at least two seasons skiing instructor, without any problems slides off the start ramp, dare high-tempo skiing, you can strip parallel turn (or near there), it can stand farolva.

  Super-Advanced - Aim for advanced skiing techniques, in the lead, led arches and the basic competitive learning techniques. Anyone who is interested in a serious racing team returned, the team must be ready for it to snow later in the race team to be able to avoid. During the season it will be 6-8 times when team members can participate in training sessions snowy, ski home and to attend a plastic track race series. In September, the programs give detailed information about prices and time points. Of course, in addition to the basic training with any program is not mandatory, but they can help you gain a serious, broad-spectrum knowledge of the children, where the plastic paddle beyond the possibilities snow and goalkeeper in training can learn and taste affect the racing world via the amateur competitions.